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Marvel at churches and organs
organ in village Rysum
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Marvel at churches and organs

Manycenturies ago, when there were no protective dikes, our ancestors built the villages of Krummhörn on manmade hills, the Warfen. The highest point of the Warf was always reserved for the church building. When the storm tides submerged the land and high waves surrounded the village, people took refuge in the safest place in the village - the church.

Many of the churches in East Frisia and in the Krummhörn-Greetsiel region have a precious organ, such as the organ in Rysum, built in 1457. It is considered one of the oldest playable organs in the world. The value of the organ at the time was 10 “fette Beester” (cows), according to legend. Other organs of European signifi cance can be found in the Krummhörn Warf villages of Uttum, Canum and Groothusen, among others.

Church services are still held in all the churches today. One of the cultural highlights in Krummhörn is the annual “Krummhörn Organ Spring”. Topclass organ concerts are off ered here. The Krummhörner OrganSpring is one of THE organ music festivals in northern Germany. The Krummhörn Church Tower Tour is a unique cycling event. The circular route through 19 villages and to 23 churches inspires more and more cycling enthusiasts. The parishes organise a varied programme for visitors with guided tours, tower and crypt visits, concerts, tea tables and much more.