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Fishing village romance & East Frisian cosiness
Harbour Greetsiel in the morning
Fishing village romance & East Frisian cosiness
Fishing village romance & East Frisian cosiness nature
Fishing village romance & East Frisian cosiness
Fishing village romance & East Frisian cosiness village Rysum
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Fishing village romance & East Frisian cosiness

Anyone who comes to Greetsiel feels transported to another world. Historic gabledhouses from the 17th century line the old fishing harbour. Through picturesque alleys and the village street with stylish shops and shopping opportunities, the path also leads to the famous Greetsiel twin mills. Restaurants, tea rooms and cafés make your stay a culinary experience. Our tip: Enjoy the East Frisian sun with a delicious ice cream and let your eyes wander over the harbour. Experience the varied cultural entertainment programme: e.g. a performance by the Shanty Choir, a classical concert in the historic Greetsiel church or a visit to the galleries.

East Frisia has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine: The day starts with a slice of Krintstuut (sultana bread) with butter. At lunchtime you can enjoy delicious prawns or a tasty matie roll. In the afternoon, a special highlight is on the programme, the East Frisian Tee-tied. Tart Osfriesen tea is refined with Kluntje and Wulkje. Three cups are fine for East Frisians!
And in the evening, numerous pubs in Greetsiel invite you to linger. A crab soup, fresh fish, snirtje roast or even a classic steak will make your culinary heart beat faster. We wish you bon appétit!


Costa Granata: Holidays in the land of the North Sea crabs

The famous North Sea crabs, which you can enjoy here under the name “garnet”, are actually shrimps. The natural colouring of garnet is transparent milky-grey. It is only when they are cooked, still on the cutters, that they take on their typical reddish colour. They are then well cooled on board and arrive freshly caught in the Greetsiel harbour. Garnet contains a lot of protein, little fat and tastes incomparably good for example, as Greetsiel crab soup, “pure” on hearty East Frisian brown bread or with a fried egg as a topping.

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