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Fishermen, Harbour, North Sea crabs
harbour Greetsiel with some cutters
Fishermen, Harbour, North Sea crabs
Harbour Greetsiel in the morning
Fishermen, Harbour, North Sea crabs
Statue of a fisherman in harbour Greetsiel
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Fishermen, Harbour and North Sea crabs

25 crab cutters regularly head for Greetsiel harbour, making up the largest fleet of cutters in East Frisia. Besides the main catch, garnet (crabs), they also land flatfish such as plaice, shad and sole. In the harbour, which is over 600 years old, you breathe history in a unique setting of charming historic gabled houses and idyllic alleyways. Every summer, at the end of the Greetsiel crab week, the long line of departing cutters is an impressive sight during the Kutterkorso. Those who stay ashore enjoy the colourful hustle and bustle at the harbour and the wonderful atmosphere in the fishing village.

The old Sieltor (picture on the right) is over 200 years old and a popular meeting place. This is where the Greetsiel low tidal flat flows out.
Behind the gate are the fishing harbour and the marina. The Leysiel lock separates the harbours from the open North Sea. The tide “stays out”. Up to eight cutters and, of course, pleasure boats fit into the lock chamber. There are about 50 (guest) berths in the marina (picture above). By the way, you will find a cosy place for a little rest here. So: Greetsiel is the course!


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