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Bicycle experience: from warf village to warf village!
Bicycle experience at the dyke
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Bicycle experience: from warf village to warf village!

East Frisia is a cyclingparadise. Here with us on the East Frisian North Sea coast, you ride in the pure air of the fresh North Sea climate. There are no inclines. You cycle relaxed through flat natural landscapes, enjoy culture and hospitality and use an excellently signposted cycle path system.
The holiday, art and cultural landscape of Krummhörn-Greetsiel, right next to the Wadden Sea National Park, offers the diversity of East Frisian specialities such as a visit to our Warf villages. They were built at a time when there was no dyke. To protect against storm surges, the village community built artifi cial mounds for their houses - the Warfen. Lighthouses, windmills, chiefdoms, churches, gulf farms,friendly gastronomy and much more invite you to explore. Climb up, meet lots of nice people on the way and greet each other with a friendly “Moin!”.

The signposted Krummhörner Church Tower Tour through our 19 Krummhörner villages to our 23 churches is around 70 kilometres long. You can start at any point of the circular tour and also spread the total distance over several days.
Special highlights along the way include the village of Rysum with its church and the oldestorganin northern Europe that can be played, the Campen lighthouse with 308 steps, Germany’s bestknown lighthouse in Pilsum and Germany’s only dry beach at Upleward. Along the Wadden Sea National Park, the route leads through the bird sanctuary to the fishing village of Greetsiel.

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Current bypasses and stoppages

Some ways are closed because of events or construction works. Here you can find a current abstract of bypasses and stoppages.