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Art, culture and a lot of fun
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Art, culture and a lot of fun

The Krummhörn holiday region is a cultural landscape with a great variety of museums, cultural institutions and sights. A special concert series for friends of classical music is offered with “World Classics at the Piano” at the Rysumer Fuhrmannshof. For art lovers, the Greetsiel Week has been an art exhibition of national importance for over 40 years. In Villages Tell Story/s, a storyteller invites you to experience a special story of the village. As part of the Garden-Route Krummhörn, East Frisia, private gardens and parks open in Krummhörn and the surrounding area. Other cultural events are also off ered by the Rural Academy Krummhörn or the association Landkultur Freepsum.

But we also offer fun and action for young and old. In addition to the highlights above, a variety of annually
recurring cultural events off er a wide range of special entertainment. Laughing in Pilsum: The comedy star Holger Müller alias Ausbilder[instructor] Schmidt invites you to his very private stage, “Very tiny house”. With the Lachbustour Ostfriesland he also brings his show on four wheels as a tour guide. During this unique tour you will learn historical and very interesting facts about the country and your laughing muscles will also be properly strained.
In the marble arena in Uttum, you are also welcome to “knick knack” yourself or compete in marble championships.